Agro (or Abbro as PewDiePie calls her) is the black horse in PewDiePie's playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus. She has a high-pitched voice and likes to boast and talk about her beautiful hair. Agro fell down a bridge in part 13 of PewDiePie's SotC (Shadow of the Colossus) playthrough while running as fast as she can.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Agro is well known to run faster than PewDiePie. She uses this skill most importantly in part 9 of PewDiePie's SotC playthrough (Dirge), and in part 12 (Phalanx). Occasionally, Agro will do an "Epic Abbro Jump" when running in her highest speed. She achieves this most likely in high places or cliffs. She is also a boost to Wander's "Epic Backflip of Vengeance" when she runs at her fastest speed. It is also known that Agro can't swim through water as shown in part 13 of PewDiePie's SotC playthrough. 

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