Agrippa highres

Agrippa as he appears in-game.

Agrippa is a corpse that PewDiePie has found laying around on various occasions, usually chained to a wall. He seems to want PewDie to twist his nipples, suggesting homosexuality towards PewDie. His most recent appearance was in Amnesia Custom Story: Obscurity - Part 1, although, this appearance was only a cameo.


Despite his obvious sexual behavior, PewDie is happy to see him when the encounter each other. It has been speculated by Bros that he secretly runs a certain gang, but this is unconfirmed, though considering recent behavior, this may be true. He has a strange, gravelly version of PewDie's voice, though he has no lower jaw, so it's unknown how he speaks. It is also possible that he and Martin are related somehow.


  • Agrippa is actually a real person. He was a German magician, alchemist and most notably, an occult writer, as mentioned in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.

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