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Algie featured in a loading screen in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Algernon or Algie is a nerd who attends Bullworth Academy and is a character the Bully: Scholarship Edition series. PewDiePie has acknowledged that Algie is one of his favorite characters in the game, the other being Russell.


Algie was first met when PewDiePie played the mission "Save Algie," where PewDie as Jimmy Hopkins guided Algie to his locker. Then, when Jimmy takes over Earnestand the nerd clique, Algie tries acting cool doing moonwalks and saying he's a "cool cat." He then is seen telling Jimmy to pee in the jock's gatorade (which PewDie thinks is going too far.) Then, Principal Crabblesnitch mentions him while telling Jimmy he's unpopular. He is also there when rats are in the library, and he said he had spilled soda on himself when he wet himself. He also calls Jimmy and Petey "losers" and says he's not afraid of them closer to the end.He also walks around with unzipped pants.


  • He is scared of rats.
  • His friends include Petey, Jimmy, Earnest, Melvin, Bucky, Fatty, and Sheldon.
  • He is known by Principal Crabblesnitch, unlike Pete.
  • He is the only person to have been successfully jumped over by Jimmy on a skateboard (Final Episode).
  • He seems to pee himself rather frequently, possibly the result of fear or urinary incontinence.

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