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THE HOTTEST ALIEN! is the seventh episode of PewDiePie's Let's Play of Alien: Isolation. It was uploaded on October 13th, 2014, and is 47:45 minutes in length.


Alien Isolation Part 7

Alien Isolation Part 7


How's it goin bros? My name is PewDiePie! And welcome to Jackass. That's what we might as well call this...----Interesting keycards in the future. Its really anti-innovation making them large and f**kin' bigger. Large and bigger there you go.----It's great that you get so many weapons in this game because ALL OF THEM ARE FUCKING POINTLESS!

The barrels, they exploded! All this time... they were try'na save me!

Nice hammer, I want that. Hammer-axe. Hax! Hey! Bazing!

Song References

Pewdie occasionally sings songs that are either related to what is happening, a response to something he said, or to emphasize the moment or his emotions at the time.

Artist Name Song Name Time in Video Watch Online
Linkin Park In The End ? Link
Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe 2:13 Link
Avril Lavigne Girlfriend ? Link
Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel Air ? Link
The Beatles Twist and Shout ? Link
Iyaz Replay 14:09 Link
Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe 18:40 Link
AC/DC Back in Black 20:53 Link
Idina Menzel Let It Go 22:36 Link
Beyonce Single Ladies 23:00 Link
Snoop Dog Who Am I 23:16 Link
Skylar Grey Coming Home 26:08 Link
Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble 28:19 Link
Blondie One Way Or Another 29:40 Link
Tyler, The Creator Domo 23 29:66 Link
Charli XCX Boom Clap 37:02 Link


Flare appears at 23:05 when Pewdie panic selects him after a hostile character walked into the room he is in; as he heard Pewdie activate an alarm. "Pewds! Let's fuck him up!" Flare says cheerily. "Shut up Flare." Pewdie responds, "Your suggestions are..." He is then cut out.

He returns at 24:46 after Pewdie successfully evades a rouge android. "Hey Pewds! Did you miss me?" He says happily. "Shut up... You stupid Flare..." Pewdie responsive demeaningly. "But I love you... I love you, Pewds." Flare says in a disappointed, light tone. "You Flare. Flares aren't capable of love." The android then catchs them. "Pewds! I'm sorry, I tried to warn you!" They die.


  • When Pewdie sings Iyaz - Replay at 14:09, he botches the lyrics. He sings "Slide down like it's nobody's business. Shawty's in the middle of the street in in my head when I can't keep out got me thinking like: Nana na na everyday, got my ice cream suck on d-pray. I'm decay."