Anna Anaconda also know as Anaconda is a character that PewDiePie created on The Sims 4.


PewDiePie created her in The Sims 4, With Chan on the family.

She's a blue fat woman with a huge butt and breasts as well as pink hair and a purple shirt along with white high heels, blue socks, a pink watch and tattoos on her arm and back, she wears panties.

Pewdiepie planned on her earning money while Chan got lots of girlfriends, at one point she went jogging in a yellow tracksuit and got tired very fast, at another point Chan grilled food for her in the park.

She once put James the giant purple llama in her inventory and Pewdiepie got mad at her.

She once visited the nightclub and she became happy, Pewdiepie claimed he didn't know she was capable of happiness due to her ugliness, later, a woman danced behind her, Pewdiepie thought she was giving her 'a weird back massage'.

She went home and put the shrunken James on the dining table, afterward Pewdiepie got her a job in the criminal career.

A glitch once occurred where she got out of the shower and started dancing but didn't put her clothes back on.

Pewdiepie called her a sloth when she returned from work with only 63 simoleons.

After jogging, she fell asleep on the pavement with her butt in the air.

She moved out of "The Ass House" when Felix, the Sims version of the real-life Poods, as well as being Chan's boyfriend, moved in.

Later, after Chan's death and his failed attempts at seducing Death, Felix accidentally stumbled across Anaconda walking around. By this time, she had grown very old, and had grey hair, with Pewdiepie proclaiming his amazement that she had not yet died. Felix brought her to Assville, and the two made out.