Baby (alternatively spelled Babeh) is a character from Happy Wheels, and is found on the front of Irresponsible Mom's (Lisa) Bike. Baby or again sometimes known to PewDiePie as Babeh is the first person to refer/call his sister, which is at the back of Lisa's bike as Sammy Sue. Unlike Sammy Sue, Babeh has a voice that is heard in PewDiePie's playlist of Happy Wheels, part 62.


Babeh is first created in Happy Wheels by PewDiePie in episode 62. PewDiePie only refers to this character as Baby or Babeh. Babeh is also the first person on Irresponsible Mom's character to speak in his own voice. Babeh is also the first person to refer/call his sister Lisa. Baby also seems to be the favorite child of Irresponsible mom.

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