“Notice me, Senpai!”
— Bob trying to win Senpai's affection.

Bob is the main protagonist and an amateur skateboarder made by PewDiePie in Skate 3. He is known for his terrible skating skills and violent bails. Bob also appears in Turbo Dismount, originally named Leftsideboobmaster before shortened to Bob by PewDiePie Bob is also the name of the patient in Surgeon Simulator 2013, who was killed by PewDiePie multiple times. And the car in Windosill. He would, as said by PewDiePie; "Touch my butt a lot, and it would tickle, in a great way... We were together, and i loved him... Bob was the kind of guy that... OH, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! I CHOOSE YOU, PIKACHU!"


Bob is an obese built character with greyish hair and a fat build. In the Surgeon Simulator games, he is never fully shown, but in the animations is revealed to be Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and the internet series "Heavy's Family".

Appearance as Bob CarEdit

Bob as a car is a blue car with 4 small wheels and a smokestack.


  • It has been speculated that the man named Bob in Surgeon Simulator 2013 and the one in Skate 3 are one and the same. It is however a mystery as to how Bob survived from the repeatedly failed injuries in the previous game.


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