BroKenPodcast is a SoundCloud series hosted by PewDiePie (Bro) and CinnamonToastKen (Ken).

"Welcome to the BroKen Podcast! A magical place where dreams come true and babies are made! Join YouTubers Pewdiepie and CinnamonToastKen weekly as they explore their feelings and other unknown mysteries of the universe.

Action, drama, suspense, the BroKen Podcast has it all! Even a weekly guest if we're lucky!

See you guys there and Stay Toasty Broskies!"

(Description and Outro)Edit


  • Episode #1 - "Hello Everybody!"
  • Episode #2 - "YouTube Parties, Juice Cleanses, Survival Games Cash Grab and More!"
  • Episode #3 - "Featuring Cry" (Special Guest Cryaotic)
  • Episode #4 - "How To Be a Fan, What if you had Bewbs, YouTube Douches"
  • Episode #5 - "How we Started on YouTube, Where We Live Revealed!" (Special Guest Minx)
  • Episode #6 - "Stripping w/ Sam Strippin" (Special Guest YOGSCAST Strippin)
  • Episode #7 - "Do Girls Like Manboobs?" (Special Guest Markiplier)
  • Episode #8 - "Yo Mama!" (Special Guest JackSepticEye)
  • Episode #9 - "Gob Smacked!" (Special Guest InTheLittleWood)
  • Episode #10 - "NEVER HAVE I EVER"


  • On "Do Girls Like Manboobs?", posted on the 13th of October, Ken mentioned the PewDiePie Wiki when asked: "Where have you found yourself mentioned in obscure parts of the internet?"

"Uhh... Found myself on the PewDiePie Wikipedia." - Ken

"That's pretty weird" - Felix

"I was like: This exists?" - Ken

"It was like super old, it's like: He played uhh... (Not the Grand Theft Auto, but, whatever that game was that was like it.)" - Ken

"Oh, Saint's Row." - Mark

"(Yeah) They played Saint's Row together." - Ken

"Oh yeah, we did that. That was a long time ago." - Felix

"That was three years ago, or two years." - Ken

"Wow" - Mark

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