Here comes the Brofist -3

Brofist is a friendly farewell or congratulation on a just-made accomplishment used by PewDiePie to his bros, and is and the main symbol of PewDiePie and his fanbase. PewDie is known for using this gesture for his fans at the end of almost every video. The 25th episode of Fridays with PewDiePie featured PewDie brofisting strangers on the street. Brofists were considered a hazard in the game Bloody Trapland, and the brofist is the emblem of Bullworth Academy, which caused PewDie to like the game. PewDie also ends his conversations on Omegle with a brofist as well. The Brofist originated from F.3.A.R. 3 



When two bros bump fists or fist bump, the act is called Brofisting. Brofisting is similar to shaking hands. It is done by raising the left hand, connecting with another bro's bro fist with the knuckles, and turning counter-clockwise 90 degrees. There exists also a triple brofist, some people call it trifist, where it is three people brofisting each other. But it's not so much used a normal brofist.


The following are variations of the normal brofist that are demonstrated by PewDiePie (some-times with Marzia):

  • Double Brofist: where both hands of the two individuals are used simultaneously to create two brofists at the same time. When both PewDiePie and Marzia double-brofist the YouTube viewers at the same time, it is still called a double brofist, even though four fists are presented to the presumably singular viewer.
  • Kissed Brofist: PewDiePie will often kiss his fist before administering a brofist
  • Brofive: Similar to a high-five. Used in the video RUSSIAN ROULETTE CHALLENGE!, though portrayed using both hands of both PewDiePie and Marzia to the presumably singular viewer
  • Buttfist: Similar to a brofist, but using the butt, as seen in the video MOST RANDOM GAME EVER! - Wario Smooth Moves , as well as in I SACRIFICE MY GIRLFREND (Kinect Party). It is presumable that the party who is offered a buttfist uses his fist as if it were an ordinary brofist and that, because of this, it is rude to preform this except virtually (i. e. through computer screen).
  • Titfist: similar to the double brofist, but with the hands placed against the front of the breasts of one's self, as seen in the video GIRLFRIEND VS BOYFRIEND! #2.
  • Bro-unicorn-fist: similar to the brofist, but instead using the horns between two unicorns, as seen in 5 Weird Stuff Online #4.

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