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WORLDS MOST OFFENSIVE GAME? is the first and currently the only part of PewDiePie's and CutiePie's game of Cards Against Humanity. They first played it on the Fridays with PewDiePie episode on 24. November 2013, which was on a Sunday, and found it really fun to play. Marzia won against Pewds with 9 - 12.



  • Felix (Felix's choices are highlighted in red.)
  • Marzia (Marzia's choices are highlighted in blue.)


    Cards Against Humanity


  • Puga-chan (Maya's words are highlighted in black.)

Rules Each player gets a set of 5 cards, and the judge picks out a black card and reads it to the players. Then, each player must pick a card that they think the judge will find the funniest out of all cards. The player with the funniest card gets a point, and the player with the least points gets humiliated.

Daddy, why is Mommy crying?Edit

Felix responds to this saying the card is a good point, and Marzia agrees.

Daddy, why is Mommy crying? My humps. The chinese gymnastic team.

Felix wins this one. 1 - 0

The School Trip was completely ruined by___Edit

Felix states he has one right away and places it down.

MOPED This sandwich doesn't have turkey in it! Frickin' get it right!
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