Christina is the name given to the Special Alien in Surgeon Simulator 2013. Christina can only be seen in Surgeon Simulator 2013, unless otherwise, as she made a name mention cameo in Backflip Madness as one of PewDie's YOLO calls. Back to the topic of being a Special Alien, Christina has 6 ailments needed to be done. Pewds has only done 1 (His own ailment), but the others are Birgirspallex, Gobbleshaft, Cubed Trangrifier, Gavichal (Page Exists), and Robbaloraz. Each representing a Youtuber.

  • Pewdsball refers to PewDiePie himself
  • Birgirspallex refers to Birgirpall
  • Cubed Trangrifier refers to Nerd³
  • Gavichal refers to Gavin and Michael
  • Robbaloraz refers to Robbaz
So fabulous

Christina Aguilera acting fabulous.