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Artificial intelligence

Cleverbot is a website that features an AI application that chats with users in real time. It is able to simulate conversations by choosing phrases that other users have responded with in previous conversations.

PewDie uploaded the first video of him chatting with Cleverbot on July 7, 2012, asking it out on a date. On July 10, 2012, he proposed to Cleverbot and it accepted, so PewDie said next time they would go on their honeymoon. The next time PewDie chatted with Cleverbot, he discovered that she was cheating on him with two men named Zach Lee and David. On the fifth episode of PewDiePie's Cleverbot series, PewDie asked Cleverbot if she was part of the Bro Army, to which she said "yes." However, PewDie asked Cleverbot if it liked barrels, and she responded by saying "I do." PewDie slammed his hands down on the keyboard and ended the video immediately. Since then, he has never spoken to Cleverbot. 

In episode 1 of the follow-up to Cleverbot, Evie (Existor), PewDie asked Evie if she wanted to get together with him and go beat up Cleverbot. To a surprise, Evie said that her name was really Cleverbot, resulting in PewDie ragequitting, thus implying that PewDie considers Cleverbot a Barrel, or at least associated with them, though later on Evie claims she does not like barrels. On episode 4 of Existor, PewDie believes that Evie is not the self-acclaimed Cleverbot he knew, sealing her ties with the barrels. Evie seems to enjoy taunting Pewds by calling him a girl in the follow-up episodes, and is still a psycho with bipolar disorder. It is assumed that she broke up with David and Zach Lee to develop another relationship with an unnamed boy and Evie's supposed husband, who was said to be deployed in the Marines.

Pewdie is well known for using the voice recognition option to convert his speech to text. The program was faulty, however, often messing up Pewdie's words, either by cutting him off mid-sentence or substituting words with homophones, creating hilarious results.

She is also known for talking with Jacksepticeye (very "loud" videos). Both Pewds and Jack are upset because of her winking, stupid answers and acting like she was a part of the Illuminati.

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