Barrels "BARRELS!"

A Clockwork Bomb, possibly Cry, Ken, or Anthony.

Cry, Ken and Anthony are three identical Clockwork Bombs named by PewDiePie, which are bombs that are manufactuered in the shape and appearance of the White Rabbit or March Hare. Found by Pewdie in his fifth walkthrough for Alice: Madness Returns, they are named after his friends, and fellow Youtubers, Cry (ChaoticMonki), Ken (CinnamonToastKen), and Anthony (1/2 of Smosh).


PewDiePie and Alice encountered the Clockwork Bomb after moving through a factory in search for the Mad Hatter, so they could ask about the Infernal Train in Wonderland and its reason for it being there. Mistaking the Bombs for an actual active bomb, PewDie proceeded to panic out, and tried to hack open a steel door, before realizing that he could control Alice to use the Bombs as weapons.

PewDiePie began calling the Bombs Cry and Ken during a puzzle involving steel fists which were similar to "Brofists,"  hinting they are possibly two separate bombs. He alternates between the two, and eventually named a third bomb Anthony as he is a friend of PewDie's who stars on the Smosh YouTube channel who called him on Skype over it. While denying what he said afterwards, it is noted that Pewdie once referred to the Bombs as his son(s). PewDie and Alice usually use Cry, Ken, and Anthony as blocks for pressure plates that have Alice's Omega symbol on it, momentary shields against long-range attacks from Eyepots (usually exploding after one or two hits), or as normal bombs used to blast open anything blocking their way.

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