This is what Deodorant looks like but not in the game.

Deodorant is a fire axe that is multi-use for PewDie. It can break doors (where PewDie shouts "HERES PEWDIE!") and it can kill or damage his enemies in Condemned: Criminal Origins. Deodorant has a mix of Jennifer and Mr. Chair's voice and can sometimes be a girl. Deodorant helps PewDie and also sometimes has to be switched with maybe Pipé or Shotty.

Deodorant is commonly used in Condemned: Criminal Origins but was founded in Afraid of Monsters. Deodorant was not given an official birth like Stephano or Mr. Chair, but the name was used continuously after a certain point in the game. This noticeably starts in episode 20 of the series. Like "Chopnese" PewDie usually says "Do you speak deodorantese?" while using Deodorant.

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