Donald Duck
Donald da badass
Donald Fauntleroy Duck
Biographical info
Aliases TBA
Species Cartoon Duck
Gender Male
Relative(s) Scrooge McDuck (Uncle), Grandma Duck (Adoptive Mother), Hewey (nephew), Dewey (nephew), Louie (nephew)
Residence Disney Castle
Political info
Nationality American
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Kingdom Hearts
Role Sidekick
Actor/Actress Tony Anselmo, PewDiePie
Donald Duck is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts. In the Disney canon, he is a sailor with a dangerously short temper.

In Kingdom Hearts, Donald is the Royal Magician of Disney Castle and the royal assistant for King Mickey. As such, his weapon of choice is a Staff. He often provides comic relief more than advancing the plot despite the amount of camera time he has in the series. He is rash and has an aggressive personality, but he is loyal to his friends.