"Ducks" is a skit on YouTube performed by PewDiePie posted on April 26, 2013, which is the origin of the recurring joke that PewDiePie is a duck.

Plot summaryEdit

Pewds #1 walks in on Pewds #2, who is looking at an image on his computer of ducks mating. He closes out of the image, and Pewds #1 shows him a book that he wrote and illustrated. The book was titled "Twilight", and consisted of crudely drawn graphic gay porn (to which Pewds #2 stated that it's "pretty much the same thing" as the already-written Twilight by Stephenie Meyer) and references to ducks, including a statement that Pewds #1 is a duck, and that "Pewds doesn't suspect a thing". Pewds #1 attacks Pewds #2, and Pewds #3 walks in and reads the book, says "it's so beautiful!". Pewds's #1 and #3 then start a short-lived romantic relationship, but Pewds #3 is shown in the end of the film to have the unconscious Pewds #1 in a bathtub, holding a knife. He then says "I know a duck when I see one, bitch". The film ends with a screen that says, "Still a better love story that Twilight". I ate a duck while licking Pewds.

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