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Façade is a game that PewDiePie has played. 

Facade is a flash game with different stages or sets each time. The game's story involves you trying to resolve an intense arguement with a couple. It is a text based game meaning the characters in the game will respond to what you type appropriately. Pewdiepie had abused this feature in the game. PewDiePie often makes sexual comments such as: "I shave my n1pples" or "you wanna get into a treso?"

PewDiePie has made many attempts to succeed Facade without getting thrown out, but often loses patience with the game's obtuse, oversimplified interface, and begins making inappropriate comments to Trip, sexual passes at Grace, or straight up insulting both of them, ending in Trip escorting PewDie out the door yet again. In one memorable example, PewDie got irritated by Trip and Grace's bickering, took a Stephano-like sculpture off of a display shelf, and walked out the door, telling the confused couple "YOU GUYS SUCK". Trip then proceeded to teleport behind PewDie and drag him back into the apartment before shoving him back out the door, as PewDie began yelling "WHAT? YOU CANT THROW ME IN TO THROW ME OUT!" The series consists of 9 parts and a montage. The montage has over 8 million views.