Falcon Lover is an internet meme created by PewDiePie to show his 'reactions' to hate comments and to represent that self-advertising isn't cool

It describes how Falcon Lover is a Youtube commenter who self-advertises and spams on PewDiePie's videos and channel.

It explains also how Falcon Lover had noscopes, neck pain and rashes over his body. He mostly said that he is a giraffe and belongs "in the plain wide fields of Africa with his people and that in sunshine, he will shine, possibly get noscoped" and that that it was his final youtube comment, before leaving he put: piece4ever.


Age: Unknown ( 21-24 ) 

Height: Unknown 

Weight: Unknown 

Real Name: Unknown

Subscribers: 115,841 as of May 16th, 2016

Videos: Unknown 

Style: Unknown ( Comedy,Entertainment and Gaming ) 


A channel named Falcon Lover was actually a parody and mostly who ever made the channel changed the name to Falcon Lover.

The channel has 2.000.000 views and 70.000 subscribers.

It's supposed to be the official channel of Falcon Lover due to the videos ordered to PewDiePie himself and other messages.

At the end of his videos for PewDiePie he mostly does a jumpscare or anything else he can stick for the ending.


PewDiePie also created a Twitter account for Falcon Lover to show Merchandise.

Falcon Lover is also one of PewDiePie's most known internet memes.