Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton
Biographical info
Full name Franklin Clinton
Species Human
Gender Male
Born 1988
Relative(s) Demise Clinton (Maternal Aunt), Tavell Clinton (Cousin), Tanisha Jackson (Ex-Girlfriend) and Unnamed Mother (Deceased
Residence Los Santos
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie/Bro Army, Lamar Davis, Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips
Nationality African-American
Occupation Armed Robber, Drug Dealer (Former), Vehicle Repossession (Former), Taxi Service, Smoke on the Water, Los Santos Customs (Blaine County) and LSPD Vehicle Impound
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Grand Theft Auto V
Role Protagonist
Actor/Actress Shawn Fonteno
Franklin Clinton is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. PewDiePie takes control him to mess around in the game, committing crimes and doing cheats such as falling out of the sky, high jumping and spawning Vehicles in.

Using Franklin, PewDiePie stole various vehicles, killed people and other things. Franklin had the cops on him several times and once used a grenade to kill them while being arrested with PewDiePie saying "Pewds 1, cops 0".

Franklin also gave "Free Hugs" to various people and even starting fights. Franklin went into a Strip Club but was thrown out when touching up one of the strippers and fought the people outside as well as the Strip Club's Security Guard. Franklin went out into the ocean and encountered a Shark which killed him. 

He also had "Flying with PewDiePie" where he drove Planes but failed everytime which normally resulted in many deaths such as crashing or losing wings. He also used a Helicopter to try and chase a Train.