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THE GREAT HAND JOB - The Forest - Part 810:29

THE GREAT HAND JOB - The Forest - Part 8

Gandalf, Justin Biebs, and Sally are the names of PewDiePie's pet mutants that appear in The Forest series part 8. They were enemies that stood still due to a bug in the game. Justin Biebs was a woman, and the others were men.

Tests and DeathsEdit

All three were tested by the Hand Gods and the power of Hand to see if any of them were "the chosen one, the ultimate hand-master, who could do the hand job better than no-one else". Here are the outcomes, in chonological order:

  • Biebs failed the test, being sliced into pieces upon contact with Hand.
  • Gandalf passed the test, verifying him as the chosen one, and Hand blessed him with "the non-death". Upon being struck, the Hand released him from his curse (of being stuck), and Gandalf was able to move again. However, he then attacked Pewds, and Pewds subsequently killed him.
  • Sally failed the test, being sliced into pieces upon contact with Hand, just as Biebs had, after PewDiePie prayed to the Hand Lords.

This failure to appoint a chosen one angered the Hand Gods.

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