He's so cute when he says "Ch"

HOW TO SMILE! is a Fridays with PewDiePie video where PewDie demonstrates the bros on how to smile (even though he's giving reasons why to smile)


Cute sneezesEdit

He tickles his nose to sneeze, but it gives him a hard time and instead of sneezing, he farts.

Perfect paintingsEdit

He decides to draw Miley Cyrus twerking, and it ends up perfectly horribly bad as he smiles at the camera.

Finding a comfortable sleeping positionEdit

PewDie goes nowhere near a comfortable sleeping position, as he rolls up in his bed sheets, Creates a ^ on the bed, and goes wild. He finds one at the end.

Harry styles' voiceEdit

He sings wildly (Marzia is the camerawoman again{1} *sigh*) at the computer, then Marzia taps him on the shoulder asking him what he's doing, and PewDie responds with "I'm busy."

Making cute kissy facesEdit

Okay, PewDie's kissy face goes horribly wrong here.

Feeling like your hair is perfectEdit

Could be shown in other videos, (this one to be exact, but others too.) but PewDie makes his hair look like Pewdelia's.

When a guy does something that turns you onEdit

If smiling at the camera{1} wasn't enough, he walks to the camera (specifically the door) and licks the door in a dirty fashion.

The sound of a perfect high fiveEdit

Once the two hands meet, PewDie realizes he has no friends. (As if 14,109,010{2} wasn't enough.) He then proceeds to high five a banana (Oh, now he has one.{1,3}) but that only makes his situation worse.

Selfies of you and your bestieEdit

Again, he has no friends (Again, 14,109,010{2} isn't enough?!) and proceeds to cry again, but in sudden realization, he has a banana for a friend and takes the picture.

Justin Bieber's bodyEdit

Justin Bieber with abs. Pour liquid on it!{4} Thinks PewDie as he does this immediately.

Random acts of kindnessEdit

He uses an egg from a fridge, and throws it out of the window, freeing a bird{1}, and then running away.{5}

Trivia / Bonus InfoEdit

  • -2- Exact number of subscribers as of 31/12/6/10/13{6}
  • -3- This means that he finally has a banana, not a friend.
  • -4- It is unknown if he pissed or not.
  • -5- It is unknown what happened to that egg.
  • -6- Minute/Hour/Day/Month/Year
  • It may be possible that PewDie released the bird because the bird saved PewDie from drowning with a cucumber.

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