Hake is a fish, most commonly ridden by PewDiePie in his Scribblenauts Unlimited Let's Play. He often adds numerous adjectives to the fish, the most common combination being 'flying ridable rainbow fast hipster Hake'. Hake made his debut in episode 10 of the Let's Play and has not left PewDie's side since. 

Go hake pewdiepie fanart by rinzler chan-d5q6x9i

original artwork by: rinzler-chan

He does not talk like how other characters created by PewDiePie do, and offers no guidance or help whatsoever to PewDie. However, he does often get eaten by PewDie's self-created in-game version of himself, much to his distress. He is loyal to his rider, but shows no signs of outright devotion to PewDie. 

Unlike most of PewDiePie's characters, he does not speak at all and does not try to advance sexually upon Pewds.

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