Hand, also called "Handy" and "Arm", is one of PewDiePie's friends in the game The Forest, taken from one of the mutants's dead body. It is believed that the Hand has its own gods called "The Hand Lords" or "The Hand Gods". Hand was replaced by Leg in The Forest part 10.

Abilities Edit

Hand is shown to have the following powers and abilities:

  • The power of destruction (particularly as a lawnmower), aka the power of annihilation
  • The power of resurrection
  • The power of rolling (into space), also referred to as breakdancing
  • The ability to scratch Pewds's back
  • The ability to speak (revealed in The Forest part 9)

Trivia Edit

  • PewDiePie left Lizzie for Arm in his "The Forest" series part 7, despite Lizzie having the power of love. PewDiePie "had something special" with both characters. Lizzie re-appeared in the next part of the series.
  • Hand is confirmed by PewDiePie to come in handy.
  • When PewDiePie is wielding Hand, birds may randomly die, seemingly by crashing into him.
  • Arm is once called "Destroyer of Worlds" because of its destructive abilities.
  • It was once called "The Hand of Doom" after destroying and slicing Biebs (one of Pewd's pet mutants) on contact.
  • The hand was also called "The Hand of Justice" after testing Biebs.
  • The hand was used to test Gandalf, Biebs, and Sally in The Forest Part 8, all of which were found not to be worthy, and therefore not the chosen one, who is explained to be "the ultimate hand master, who could do the hand job better than no-one else". This may have angered the Hand Gods.

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