Hitler Pewdiepie, from "GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL?"

Hitler Pewdiepie (also known as Poodiepie and Pewdenheimer by fans) has been in three of PewDiePie's videos so far, as of 7 Feb 2014. He is played by Pewdiepie himself, with a makeshift mustache, sometimes made of nutella, sometimes a fake mustache, and sometimes face paint that resembles' Hitler's.

Internet LifeEdit

Hitler Pewdiepie was first seen in PewDiePie's video: "ARE YOU A TRUE FAN?" which was a "Pewds Does Everything". First, PewDie attempts to put a carrot up his nose, but makes a nutella Hitler moustache, morphing into Hitler and speaking German (specifically the words: NO! THAT IS NOT CORRECT!). In the video, Hitler PewDiePie stabs the real PewDiePie for proclaiming himself as a Belieber, before laying down a picture of Justin Bieber with his dying body and vacuuming his mouth.

Hitler PewDiePie's second appearance was in PewDiePie's video: "GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL?". Hitler PewDiePie had a bigger role in this video than in "ARE YOU A TRUE FAN?" In "GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL?" Hitler PewDiePie tricks the real PewDiePie into a cinnamon challenge and poisons him. Hitler PewDiePie is about to stab and kill the real PewDiePie, only to find out he himself had been tricked and the real 'real' PewDiePie emerges from behind and shoots Hitler PewDiePie dead, then steals his blow-up doll girlfriend.


Hitler Pewdiepie, after becoming Pewdiepope

Hitler Pewds' latest appearance was in the video "TIME FOR REVENGE!" where Hitler PewDiePie is seen living with real PewDiePie and Mom PewDiePie (another PewDiePie alter-ego). Hitler PewDiePie goes into the bathroom, shaves his entire face, before donning a robe. PewDiePie referred to him as Pewdiepope in the original video description. References to previous videos include Hitler Pewdiepie's flashback to when he was killed by real PewDiePie and his last moments with Jerry, his 'girlfriend'. 


  • Hitler Pewdiepie has a blow-up doll 'man' girlfriend, who real Pewdiepie called "Jerry" when CutiepieMarzia put up a picture of it on Twitter.
  • "TIME FOR REVENGE" and "GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL?" both had sad songs playing at certain points of the video.
  • "TIME FOR REVENGE!" ended with TO BE CONTINUED... which hints there will be more skits like these in the future, and a hopefully bigger cast of alter-egoes.
  • "TIME FOR REVENGE!" is the first video to showcase Mama Pewds, as stated in the original video description, before Pewdiepie edited it.\
  • He is the first stereotype PewDiePie character.
  • He speaks only German, but there are subtitles (most of the time). This is because PewDiePie had learnt German in school, and some of his friends were Germans.
  • Some fans believe that Hitler PewDiePie is a clone created by The Barrel Army to kill PewDiePie but most of the time it fails.

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