WINDOWS: The Official Download for the PC Version can be found here: IndieDB Site (Link) <<< Windows

MAC: The Ported Version for mac, Ported by trumpy24 can be found here: Google Site (Link) <<< Mac                           Permission for WineSkin Port: Permission by Creator (Link)


Game Logo


Begin Quote; "Your just a man who praticipates in a strange experiement. You carry a camcorder to share your experience with others. Maybe thats just what you think" End Quote, Quoted from

In the game, you begin in a narrow hallway, with some elevator music, and a voice over commentating what to do. The game as said from the games IndieDB page says the games purpose was to be experiemental, to test.

Also when you begin you will notice in the bottom-left you are holding a camecorder, as from the quote mentioned earlier.

And partway through the game you will reach a room where you have the option to goto three more different rooms, the rooms are (in order) a Puzzle Game, a Horror Game, and a Psychological Game.


The Basic:

Keyboard-Button: Action:
W Forward
A Backward
S Left
D Right
Spacebar Jump
Left-Mouse Click


(Click on buttons or more)

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