Irresponsible Dad
Biographical info
Gender Male
Relative(s) Irresponsible Mom (Wife)
Effective Shopper (Ex-wife)
Timmy (Son)
Sammy Sue (Daughter)
Lisa (Daughter)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Happy Wheels
Role Playable Character
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— Irresponsible Dad's famous quote about not caring about his son.

Irresponsible Dad is one of PewDie's favorite characters from the flash game Happy Wheels. The character is a middle-aged man with brown hair, sea-green collared shirt tucked into his brown shorts, black converse shoes, and a helmet similar to the Segway guy's helmet, riding a blue bicycle with a grey chair attached in the back. Timmy, the man's son, also has brown hair, but has a mustard-yellow tee, red converse shoes, and yellow-green shorts. He is fastened to the chair, but gets off at will.

Irresponsible Dad has a tendency to mess up his tricks, example being when Pewdie makes him attempt a backflip he exclaims 'Frontflip!', to which Timmy most commonly replies to him that it was a backflip, which results in Irresponsible Dad to yell at him saying 'DON'T QUESTION ME', 'DON'T QUESTION MY LOGIC' and the well known 'I DON'T CARE!' 

The Dad hates Timmy, who he sees as a homosexual and a disgrace to him, listens to Justin Bieber, always insists on synchronize dances, and constantly tries to make his father proud. Interestingly enough, in the first episode of Happy Wheels PewDiePie Let's Play, he starts off liking Timmy, even going so far as to say 'I'll make you proud, son," but towards the middle of BMX Park II, the Dad loses an arm, to which Timmy replies and loses his own arms, igniting the very first "I DON'T CARE!" from Dad.

He usually throws his son off his chair and tries to kill him, sometimes by running him over or slicing him into some swords. Irresponsible Dad has been proud of Timmy only a few times. Timmy will often die for his father to 'make him proud', and proclaims his love for his father frequently. In more recent cases, however, Timmy will often take advantage of Dad when he is dead to sexually assault/hump Irresponsible Dad, provided Timmy isn't dead himself. According to Timmy, the dad is currently married with a fat woman, which he appears to hate, as he hates fat people. The dad's famous line is "I DON'T CARE!!" Another famous line from Irresponsible Dad is "YOU'RE SUCH A DISGRACE!!!!!"

His wife may be the Irresponsible Mom, and his daughters may be Sammy Sue and Lisa.


— Irresponsible Dad's famous quote about not caring about his son.
“You f*cking disgrace!”
— Irresponsible Dad, shaming his son.
— Irresponsible Dad, doing a frontflip. (and sometimes a backflip)
— Irresponsible Dad, doing a backflip. (and sometimes a frontflip)
— Irresponsible Dad's (almost always) answer to everything.
“Go son!”
— Irresponsible Dad, launching his son.
— Irresponsible Dad, after his son fails to get a Victory and gets launched himself.