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Iressponsible mom


Irresponsible Mom is the tenth character addition to Happy Wheels, released on September 21st, 2012. She is the second triple-playable character, the first being Santa Claus. Related and in line with Irresponsible Dad, she uses a two-seated bicycle; however, a basket is mounted to the front to hold a baby. All three members are blonde. The mother wears a white helmet, purple shirt, light blue capri pants, and white shoes with white laces. The girl child wears a pink sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, and pink and white shoes with pink striped socks and has her hair in a bun. The boy toddler sibling wears a blue sleeveless shirt and a diaper.

She has one daughter, Sammy Sue, and two sons, Timmy and Baby (Babeh). It is unknown if she is aware of Timmy's homosexuality.

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