Jeremy the skeleton
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Male
Miscellaneous info
Appearances GMod: Scary Maps
Role Ragdoll Prop

Jeremy is a skeleton from GMod: Scary Maps. Jeremy was discovered by Cry and named by PewDiePie in episode 1 of their Co-Op Let's Play, but is referred to as 'Weird Skeleton Thing' by Cry. He is a suspect in some of the jump-scares that happened during their gameplay.

Upon finding Jeremy, PewDiePie carries him around as he and Cry make their way through the level. Cry becomes suspicious of Jeremy as he seems to bring unsettling events to them. PewDiePie eventually just leaves Jeremy lying in a corner spattered with white paint, leaving him to live out his "dream" of sleeping in the milk, although Pewdiepie faces a horrifying jump-scare seconds after leaving him, causing him to kill Cry with a recently obtained crowbar, and started to laugh very hard while Cry, while sobbing very hard,

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asked him why he killed him on a bench and not on a bed.(