In-game art of Johnathon Wyles.

Johnathan "Johnny" Wyles is a main character in To The Moon. He is an elderly man who has enlisted the services of Neil and Eva to fulfill his final wish, which is, to go to the moon.


Johnny's appearance, of course, changes with his age. He has brown hair in his younger years, and gray hair in his later years. He has brown eyes throughout his life. He has a moustache in his later years. He usually wears a brown shirt or vest, green pants, and brown shoes.


  • Unnamed mother (Mrs. Wyles)
  • Unnamed aunt
  • Grandfather, possibly named Joey
  • Married to River
  • Long deceased brother named Joey Wyles
  • Longtime friend of Nicholas
  • Has a caretaker named Lily


  • His mother calls him Joey, possibly due to her switching the identities of Johnny and Joey after Joey's death.
  • He has a love of pickled olives, which he gained after Joey, who also had a love of pickled olives.

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