The start menu for Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is an indie horror game created by Team StaticState as part of their "College major assesment."  

PewDie did Let's Play on Labyrinth that consists of 1 episode, that started on December 30, 2012.


The plot for Labyrinth is set in this Labyrinth in which the player is awoken and must find a way to escape, being provided clues by past adventures you start to realize you're not alone. Players are provided with a torch but flints are limited so use them wisely, the question is, can you find the key and escape the maze before you succumb to what awaits inside.



  • Unlike Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you can attack monsters with your torch. However, the torch will not kill or scare away the monsters.
  • PewDiePie noted that this game is like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender and Erie combined.


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