The lantern.

Landon the Lantern is a bro which can be found in the game Amnesia: The Dark Desent and other custom stories. Landon requires oil in order to keep running. Once you run out of oil Landon will not burn anymore & he will be useless until you have another oil potion. During the time PewDiePie has wasted Landon's oil he will usually blame Landon himself for wasting the oil, and Landon usually says "But PewDie, I didn't do it!" Then PewDie responds with an unnecessary "Liar!"

It is arguably the most important bro, next to Stephano, in the game, having the ability to light up the area if filled with oil. PewDie always uses this bro the most out of any other item because it is needed to light up dark/barely visible areas in the game. This item is refillable with oil and is useless when it runs out of oil. Landon and Mr. Chair usually get into arguments. It usually ends with PewDie saying "Shut up!".

PewDie finds Landon to be the most important item, next to oil, and laudanum. Whenever finding Landon through the game, he will be exceptionally happy and may have the extra courage to enter certain areas he was too scared to go to before. Landon was one of last characters PewDie made up. 

He also unknowingly uses Landon in a well-lit area, this will cause him to unknowingly waste his oil and when he then finds out, he then does a "fan" impersonation saying "Stop wasting Landon, PewDie!' (referred to when he does livestreaming).

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