Tmp LRA Lilly Argument1269892250
Biographical info
Full name Lilly
Gender Female
Relative(s) marzia(father)
Political info
Affiliation Anti-hero, Antagonist
Nationality Caucasian-American
Occupation Robins Air Force Base
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Walking Dead
Role Protagonist
Actor/Actress Nikki Rapp
"title" needs to be changed to "name"
Lilly is a character in The Walking Dead. She is both a quick thinker, and a leader; she is also straight to the point regardless of how people react or feel about what she has to say. However, she does have a kinder side to her, and will appreciate others when they deserve it. PewDiePie decided through Lee to leave Lilly at the side of the road to fend for herself after she murdered Carley

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