“AMAZING! It's going to be AMAZING! Just don't kill me...”
— Lizzie while running away from PewDiePie
300px-Lizard alive
Biographical info
Species Lizard
Gender Male (Most Likely)
Residence The Forest
Political info
Affiliation PewDiePie
Nationality Franco-American
Miscellaneous info
Appearances The Forest
Role Armor/Food

Lizzie is the all-knowing lizard with the spirit of Stephano, and a close friend/enemy to Pewds in the game The Forest.

When Pewds spots Lizzie, he will chase him and try to kill him, but Lizzie will try to run away, even appearing to teleport to safety. Once Pewds collects him, he serves as his primary companion, taking a role similar to Stephano's role in his state as a statue. Lizzie's voice is also the same as Stephano's statue voice. Lizzie seems to alternate between hating Pewds and being very fond of him. He often berates and insults him, but he has also requested that Pewds kiss him several times. Pewds tends to "accidently" place Lizzie on the fire, much to his annoyance. Once when Pewds was surronded by cannibals, he cried for Lizzie's help, who simply walked away and said "Fuck you Pewds, I never liked you anyway".


  • "Pewds, I hate you! You always cook me!"
  • "Fuck you Pewds, I never liked you anyway."
  • "Don't worry Pewds, I use the axe. It's called the lax."
  • "Hey lady, want a rub back massage?"
  • "HAHA, You wear fake armor?"
  • "I'm a wizard Pewds."