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Malcom; Vailoc
Malcom 1466
Biographical info
Full name Zafer Necipoglu
Aliases Vailoc; Malcom; Malcom 1466; Dj Vailoc
Gender Male
Born 2001
Residence Turkey
Political info
Nationality Turkish
Miscellaneous info
Role PewDiePie Hater
Actor/Actress Zafer Necipoglu
"title" needs to be changed to "name"

Zafer Necipoglu is a now 14 year-old Turkish boy. He was considered as PewDiePie's archenemy (along with Dillon The Hacker). He made two videos about him hating on PewDiePie. He was once a fan of PewDiePie, however he was hating on PewDiePie haters, according to his video 'The Truth'. He was then bullied because of this, and then started hating PewDiePie himself. He made a video of him in a restaurant repeating a phrase in a creepy voice, which can be seen in 'PewDiePie Haters Sucks'.

Real Name Reveal Edit

Zafer was on things like Twitter before he was publicly shown on the PewDiePie channel, however in PewDiePie's video 'I CALL OUT MY #1 HATER' at 4:08, a young Zafer can be seen in a car commercial. PewDiePie wants 'Malcolm' to win, and he does. The title of the video is 'Zafer Necipoglu Alfa Romeo/Greenbox Konsept' however, Malcolm's full name is blurred out until the end, where PewDiePie reveals they made the name Malcolm to hide his identity to stop him being bullied even more, and he finally revealed it in the video. He said no-one should harass Zafer, and anyone he say doing it would be out [no longer be a bro].

Relationships Edit

PewDiePie - It was known as Zafer (then known only as Malcom, or Malcom 1466) hated Pewdiepie, until Zafer released a video on why he was hating PewDiePie, 'The Truth' which can be viewed from the link in the above paragraph. Felix has said he would like to feature Zafer on the channel.

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