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— Maya
PewDie and Maya
Pewdie with Maya
Biographical info
Full name Maya
Aliases Puga, Puga-Chan
Species Dog
Gender Female
Born 2006 or 2007
Miscellaneous info
Appearances various of PewDiePie's video, and Puga Does Everything series
Maya, nicknamed Puga, is one of PewDiePie's three pet dogs, being one of two pugs. His second pet dog is a Yorkshire terrier called Ynk (pronounced "Ink"), and his third pet dog being another one of two pugs, Edgar. Maya and Ynk appear in PewDie and Marzia's videos after either being heard barking or being seen in the background or being interacted with in certain videos. As many people notice, Maya is missing her left eye; this is due to an incident with a cat when she was young while sailing the high seas. When talking to Maya, PewDie gives Maya a high voice, in his vlog, Fridays with PewDiePie. Maya is eight or nine years old and has a light gold coat with a dark brown face. She has her own song called Jabba the Hutt.

She has starred in two videos: Puga Does Everything and Puga Does Everything 2.


Dogs Reaction at Pewdiepie playing Just Dance01:22

Dogs Reaction at Pewdiepie playing Just Dance

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