Molly Pilgrim
Molly pilgrim
Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Female
Relative(s) Penny Pilgrim (mother)

John Pilgrim (father)

Political info
Affiliation Good
Miscellaneous info
Appearances One Chance to Save the World
Role Recurring

Molly Pilgrim is a recurring character in the of the RPG indie game, One Chance to Save the World.

Molly is the young daughter of cancer cure scientist, John, and his homemaker wife, Penny. She dislikes going to school but is surprised when there is a day she can stop attending. Molly is unaware the cancer cure her father made has manifested as a virus, E48K15, and will cause the destruction and extinction of all humans. John takes her out of the house the day her mother commits suicide in the bathtub; a fact Molly is not told. In game, there is the option to take her to the park or to work, which is repeated at least twice. Molly appears to succumb to the virus as at one point she remains still and unmoving, or it is possible she is only asleep. She is picked up by her father and taken to the park where he sits with her on a bench as the last two survivors of the virus epidemic.