One Direction is a popular band with five members. PewDiePie mostly offten will say things like that he still isn't in One Direction... yet mentioned in a video called 'NEW VIRAL DANCE MOVE'.

PewDiePie seemingly likes or just acts that he likes One Direction.In a Happy Wheels video he said : One Direction suck my dick!,which can maybe mean that he doesn't like them, but in 2014 he has started to like them but still would embarrass them in any way he can, later calling them that they are more fabulous before.

PewDie also played a game called 1DreamBoy2, maybe revealing he likes to listen to their music. In the beginning of the first episode, he sang One Way or Another but said he doesn't know the lyrics.

In Part 2 of the game,Louis and Harry were two-timing him and had a fight,which decreased PewDie's relationship with them. After that episode, for about 17 days PewDie didn't do another episode until he did finally the third part where he had the long-awaiten kiss with Harry Styles, however since they became Best Friends he didn't accomplish the date and said at the ending "Hope you enjoyed this piece of shit", ending the episode and maybe the series as he didn't do what he wanted to do.

After that, PewDie doesn't anymore mention One Direction, probably hating them.

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