Outlast is a survival horror game, made by Red Barrels. PewDiePie loved the game from the first try, and decided to do a let's play.


The player plays as the reporter Miles Upshur, who was sent on a investigation to Mount Massive Asylum (also referred by Pewdie as Mount Massive Asslum). As Miles goes in, he discovers the dark secrets that lie inside.


The gameplay in Outlast works wery similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as your only way is to hide from enemies or/and run. Through the game you will need to solve small puzzles, find keys, start generators and run from enemies. You have a camcorder that has night vision and limited battery, just like the lantern from Amnesia that needs oil. The camcorder doesn't expose you to your enemies, so you dont have to turn it off, while they are nearby.



Full GameEdit

Whistleblower DLCEdit

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