Penny Pilgrim
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Biographical info
Species Human
Gender Female
Relative(s) John Pilgrim (husband)
Molly Pilgrim (daughter)
Miscellaneous info
Appearances One Chance to Save the World
Role Recurring

Penny Pilgrim is a recurring character of the RPG indie game, One Chance to Save the World.

She is  the wife of a scientist, John Pilgrim, who worked with a team to make a cure for cancer. Penny is a stay at home mother to their daughter, Molly and takes long baths. She receives a call one day for her husband and remains unconcerned anything is wrong until John finds out the cure is actually a fast acting virus that will wipe out the entire human race. Penny becomes anxious and depressed by the news and refuses to get out of bed. Their home phone won't stop ringing due to the number of calls John is receiving presumably from complaints and outside press. The stress is too much for Penny to take, and with an inability to cope with the fact everyone on earth will die as a result of her husband's cure turned virus, she commits suicide in the bathtub. John sees blood seeping out from under the bathroom door and is horrified at what she has done. He goes back to bring his daughter out of the house so she won't have to see it, though Molly casually wonders where her mother is. In the family ending, she is instead killed by Jim, John's co-worker.