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Felix Arvid Ulf "PewDiePie" Kjellberg
Pewdiepie by kyuubi0kid-d5n8iod
Biographical info
Full name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Aliases PewDiePie, PewDie, Pewds
Gender Male
Born October 24th, 1989
Residence Gothenburg, Sweden (origin)
San Paolo, Italy (formerly)
Brighton, United Kingdom (current)
Political info
Affiliation Bro Army
Nationality Swedish
Occupation YouTube Let's Player
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“How's it going, bros? My name is PewDiePie!”
— PewDiePie's famous intro
— PewDiePie as Irrensponsible dad

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie (pronounced pyoo-deh-pai), or PewDie and Pewds for short, is a 24 year-old Swedish video game commentator known for his videos on YouTube and appearances on numerous playthrough videos. PewDiePie is known for his Let's Plays on horror-themed video games, as well as playing many other types of games, including flash and indie games, and records his reactions through audio and webcam recording. PewDiePie's fanbase is known as the "Bro Army" which includes, as of the 1st of March 2014, about 24,000,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Personal Life

Felix Kjellberg was born on October 24th, 1989 and currently lives with his girlfriend, Marzia, and their pugs named Maya and Edgar in 36-39 Western Street Brighton, England, but are currently moving.

He originates from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the son of Liam Kjellberg and Johanna Kjellberg, Vice president of the clothing company KappAhl, and has a sister named Signe. His ancestors came from Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, and he is also descended from king Eric IX of Sweden and other royals. He graduated from high school in Göthenburg. Afterwards, Felix began college at Chalmers University of Technology‎ and left in 2011.

Marzia and Felix began dating around October of 2011. She learned of Felix when Marzia's best friend watched PewDiePie on YouTube at the end of May and shared the videos with her. Marzia found Felix really funny and wrote to him at the end of June. He responded back and they started communicating for a while on Facebook until Felix visited her in Italy in August, and then in September as well as October. After Marzia's birthday, she moved to Sweden to live with him.

On March 28th, 2012, Felix did his first newspaper interview with the Swedish site, in which he noted his intention to have a full-time job and while making YouTube videos as a secondary job as well as moving to Italy with Marzia.[citation needed]

While still living in Sweden, Felix and Marzia went overseas to Los Angeles for the first time.[1]

Following Felix's move to San Paolo, Italy, he stayed as a guest in Marzia's parents' house.

On November 30th, 2012, he noted in a video of going aboard to Brighton with Marzia from December 3rd to December 7th.[2] On February 7th 2013, they arrived in New York City after Marzia received an invitation to Fashion Week and met up to hang out with fellow YouTubers Anthony Padilla and Kalel.[3] The four of them went to the Museum of Modern Art, saw the movie "Mama" and played at the arcade.[4]

Felix announced in an impromptu video monologue on March 11th, 2013 of saddening news about the death of his grandfather, who suffered from prolonged skeletal cancer, and was returning to Sweden for the funeral rites.[5] He also made mention of plans of going to Los Angeles at the end of March to stay for a month as well as searching along with Marzia for a permanent residence in the United Kingdom.[5]

While in Los Angeles, Felix participated in being part of a few video projects on the YouTube channel TheFineBros and was in an episode of Internet Icon. A party was hosted by Felix in Los Angeles to celebrate the growth of his channel to 6,000,000 subscribers and invited anyone interested in attending.[6] The party was on April 4th, 2013 with some guests in attendance that included YouTubers Ken[7], TJ[7], Toby Turner[7] and Olga Ray[7], Chester See[8], Davey Wavey[8] Tayrn Southern[8], Seth Hendrix[8], and Jacksfilms[8].

Felix was nominated in the category of social media for the Social Star Awards 2013. As the live ceremony would take place on May 23rd, 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, he and Marzia took the opportunity to go.[9] He won and received the Social Media Show Award.

For the summer of 2013, he and Marzia left Italy to stay in the United Kingdom for 3 months. Felix cited reasons behind the move; such as necessity for personal space (as both himself and Marzia have been staying in the home of her parents in Italy) and also slow internet was interfering with the upload rate of his YouTube videos.[10]

In late 2013, Felix was filmed for a part in YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?, along with fellow YouTubers Tobuscus, Ian and Anthony, Jenna Marbles, iJustine, and many others in California; however Pewds himself was filmed by a skeleton crew in Brighton, and thus was not present for the actual filming. In an interview, Nate Houghteling, one of the people from Portal A, the company responsible for producing the video, said that PewDiePie was actually kind of a last minute addition to the video.

P.O. Box

  • Most current fanmail addresses are uncertain since PewDiePie moved to the U.K. with Marzia.

Internet Life


Felix opened his YouTube account under the name PewDiePie on April 29th, 2010 with a Minecraft playthrough video showing a zombie that had spawned in a minecart in a shed with another player. Months following the Minecraft video, he started doing Call of Duty 3 commentaries, and Let's Plays on Alone in the Dark and Wolfenstein. Then, PewDiePie began uploading many Let's Plays and playthroughs on horror-themed videos, including Amnesia custom stories, flash games and other types of games such as Façade. PewDiePie spawned a fanbase named the "Bro Army", and references his subscribers as "bros".

On most Fridays, PewDiePie uploads a video known as Fridays with PewDiePie, which includes vlogs, doing Q&As, opening fanmail (known as "bromail") and generally talking about what is currently going on in his life. On several Fridays with PewDiePie, he recorded videos of surprising fans by video chatting with them on Omegle, and has edited a collection of his own in-game reactions in videos commonly known as "Funny Gaming Montage" or "Scariest Moments in Gaming".

In his 1000th video, PewDiePie showed appreciation and gratitude for his rapidly growing fanbase by compiling an assortment of video material from the beginning to the present of the last two years since his YouTube channel has gained notable popularity.

During 2013's 'YouTube Rewind'. PewDiePie appears as the last scene in the video, burying the rewind logo beneath a rocky beach until next year's YouTube Rewind. Watch here.

King of the Web

PewDiePie was nominated to run in the internet phenomena "King of the Web", coming first in the leaderboard as overall king. PewDiePie intended on using the money of $7,500 to donate to WWF to save the tigers. It was until "WhatDaFuq Show" had a meteoric up rise on the leaderboards, stirring up the bro army, causing controversy, claims of cheating, and verbal bashing on both sides. Though placing second on his first try, he is also the first campaigner in the history of the "King of the Web" to gain support and forwarded votes from so many campaigners within the top 10, including Syndicate, JPMetz and Scary Snowman. Nevertheless, he still placed first as the "King of Gaming".

Two weeks after the last nominations, PewDiePie was crowned "King of the Web", getting a $500 voucher at Game Stop and receiving $7,500 in cash. PewDiePie showed his generosity through one of his Fridays with PewDiePie episodes and donated all of the money received into WWF to save the tigers.

Charity: Water

On July 12th, 2013, PewDiePie made a video in the campaign to bring public knowledge of the necessity of providing clean water to people around the world. The goal for the charity is a total of $250,000 and he asks that those who can afford to donate do so. PewDiePie pledged to give a dollar for every 500 views the video receives. Additionally, his YouTube network, Polaris, will be donating two dollars for every 500 views on his video.[11] Furthermore, PewDiePie began a live stream on July 14th, 2013 with guest YouTubers Mark Plier, Ken and Cry for the charity. A second live stream for Charity: Water followed on July 21st, 2013 with guest YouTubers Sean, Ken, Cry, Minx and Martyn.[12]


PewDiePie runs his own website as well as his own YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. PewDiePie joined Facebook on March 4th, 2011 and has over 1,190,000 likes. PewDiePie has over 916,00 followers on Twitter, and tweets in about the same aspects that he does on Facebook. Whenever does a Q&A for Fridays with PewDiePie, he will ask for questions from his twitter subscribers and answer a selected few in the recorded video. He started a segment on Fridays called Pewds Does Everything first featured in his March 8th, 2013 video. As the name implies, Felix takes requests from twitter followers asking him to do various hilarious and seemingly outrageous actions, such as "get naked", "camera a sexy stare the whole time", "get a YOLO tattoo", etc.

During his 2013 stay in Los Angeles, he joined in on the filming of various YouTubers React videos as well an episode of Teens React: TheFineBros. Along with Smosh duo Anthony and Ian as well as Jenna Marbles. Felix was a judge on an episode of the YouTube series Internet Icon. Filming wrapped up on June 18th, 2013[13] with the release of the episode on July 11th, 2013.[14]

Games Played

PewDiePie is best known for playing horror-themed video games, along with flash games, indie games and adventure games, as well as many other types of games. Here is a complete list of all of the games PewDiePie has played (including downloadable content, mods, and custom maps).

Amnesia Custom Stories

PewDiePie has played many Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom maps/stories, where the player is able to play a customized map created by another person. Here is a complete list of all of the custom stories PewDiePie have played.

  • Amnesia: Abduction
  • Amnesia: An Unexpected Arrival
  • Amnesia: Aphyxia
  • Amnesia: Baldo’s Discovery
  • Amnesia: Black Death
  • Amnesia: Black Forest Castle
  • Amnesia: Can't Remember
  • Amnesia: Cannabalism
  • Amnesia: Cry Oni
  • Amnesia: Dark Castle
  • Amnesia: Dark Mansion
  • Amnesia: Dark Room
  • Amnesia: Death Can Await
  • Amnesia: Disponetia
  • Amnesia: Escape
  • Amnesia: Fear Amnesia
  • Amnesia: Followed by Death
  • Amnesia: Gary Dark Secrets
  • Amnesia: Grunt's Castle
  • Amnesia: Harmfuls Wraths
  • Amnesia: House of Creep 3
  • Amnesia: I Dream
  • Amnesia: Insanity: Nocturnal Confusion
  • Amnesia: Interius
  • Amnesia: It's Hurting My Eyes
  • Amnesia: Ken's Nightmare
  • Amnesia: Killings in Altstadt
  • Amnesia: La Caza
  • Amnesia: Laughing in the Darkness
  • Amnesia: Library of Alexandria
  • Amnesia: Lost the Lights
  • Amnesia: Mental Memorial
  • Amnesia: Mystery - Chapter 1
  • Amnesia: Mystery - Chapter 2
  • Amnesia: Mystery - Chapter 3
  • Amnesia: Nepsis
  • Amnesia: Nightmare
  • Amnesia: Nintendo Castle Horror
  • Amnesia: Obscurity
  • Amnesia: Olaf’s Demise
  • Amnesia: PewDiePie’s House
  • Amnesia: PewDiePie’s Nightmare - Chapter 1
  • Amnesia: PewDiePie's Nightmare - Chapter 2
  • Amnesia: PewDiePie's Revenge
  • Amnesia: Poisonous
  • Amnesia: Rain
  • Amnesia: Recurring Nightmares
  • Amnesia: Redemption
  • Amnesia: Sealed
  • Amnesia: Sins of Our Lives
  • Amnesia: Stayin’ Alive
  • Amnesia: Stephano's House
  • Amnesia: Tenebris Lake
  • Amnesia: Terret's Mansion Demo
  • Amnesia: The Abductions
  • Amnesia: The Attic - Chapter 1
  • Amnesia: The Attic - Chapter 2
  • Amnesia: The Cruel Ways...
  • Amnesia: The Haunted Staircase
  • Amnesia: The Machine
  • Amnesia: The Small Horse - Part A
  • Amnesia: The Small Horse - Part B
  • Amnesia: The Small Horse - Part C
  • Amnesia: The Small Horse - Epilouge
  • Amnesia: The Unforgiven
  • Amnesia: The Unforgiven Demo
  • Amnesia: Through the Portal
  • Amnesia: To Give Is To Force
  • Amnesia: Tricky Minds
  • Amnesia: Unsterblich
  • Amnesia: White Night
  • Amnesia: Zombie Escape

Oculus Rift Games

PewDiePie has also ventured out on games for Oculus Rift, for virtual reality. Here is a complete of all the Oculus Rift Games PewDiePie have played.

  • AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
  • Alone
  • Breach
  • Bungee
  • Chicken Walk
  • Colorful Melody
  • Disunion
  • Dogeza
  • Don't Let GO!
  • Doorways
  • Dragon
  • Dreadhalls
  • Dumpy
  • Floculus Bird
  • Grave
  • Linger
  • Lost in The Rift
  • Maere: When Lights Die
  • Malfuction
  • Magical Rift Heroine
  • Ocean Rift
  • Oculus Maximus
  • Slender: The Arrival
  • Slendytubbies
  • Squish
  • Trial of the Rift Drifter'
  • Wheelchair Sim
  • Zombies in the Holodeck


“How's it goin' bros? My name is PEWDIEPIE!”
— Intro
“Stay awesome bros, I know you will.”
— Outro
“It's not called being gay, it's called being fabulous!”
— How to smile


  • The name "Pewdie" was created from the pew sound of lasers and die for death. After forgetting the password to his YouTube account under the name Pewdie, he created a similarly named one by adding the word pie because he "f*ckin' loves pie," thus forming "PewDiePie". He later on in January 2012 remembered the password for his channel Pewdie, and it has been uploaded 14 videos since.[15]
  • His favorite video game character is Sho Minamimoto from the Nintendo DS game The World Ends With You.[15]
  • He has a dislike for octopi.[16]
  • His favorite childhood movie is A Clockwork Orange, although since the movie is not very appropriate for children and young persons, this may have been him making a joke.[15]
  • PewDiePie's most watched video is A Funny Montage with nearly 41 million views.
  • He can play the guitar.[17]
  • One of the first horror games he ever played was Dead Space.[18]
  • Some of his previous jobs include working on a tennis court and at the harbor as captain.[19]
  • He likes playing tennis, golf and going sailing.[20]
  • In recently games he used the name poodiepie, in small letters, which probably came from the pronunciation of his nickname, PewDiePie.


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