is a Swedish police car encountered by PewDiePie in Cry of Fear. He is not seen to move whenever Pewdie is around and refrains from speaking, but typically relocates from place to place.

There is a great deal of open speculation about Polisbil's allegiance. In his first encounter with Polisbil, Pewdie attempted to jump on his hood only for the car to trap him in the air for a brief second before dropping him with such force that it killed him.

Despite this notorious action, Pewdie later declared Polisbil a bro when he reasoned that he was the one responsible for the death of Sophie- who moments ago had friend zoned Simon, the main character of Cry of Fear and a bro. Despite Carcass apparently being the one responsible for causing her to commit suicide (In Simon's eyes), Pewdie came to accept that it was Polisbil's doing, as he was found sitting next to Sophie's corpse.

Polisbil is a Swedish word for 'Police car'.

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