"I'm proffesa mutha-fucken Dickinsson!"

-Proffesor Dickinsson introduces himself to the bros.

Professor Dickinsson
Biographical info
Species Spore Creature
Gender Presumably Male
Relative(s) Professor Dickinssonson (Son)
Residence BroWorld
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Spore
Role PewDiePie's creation
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Professor Dickinsson is the name given to PewDiePie's Spore creation in Spore. He was created and named in episode one of PewDie's Let's Play of Spore.


Professor Dickinsson appears as a big pink creature, with very long legs and arms that protrudes to his sides and to his back. He also as flowers for nipples, and as triple pincer-like mouthparts on his flower nipples. He also has a leaf covering his genital area. He is known to be the father of Professor Dickinssonson who was created in episode two. PewDiePie will sometimes say things such as "Kill me!," most likely because he is extremely deformed, being in Prof. Dickinsson's voice, and "He's so cute!" in regards to him.

Then in episode two, as Professor Dickinsson's son was being created, Professor Dickinssonson, PewDiePie decided to create a new version of Professor Dickinsson. This new version showed Professor Dickinsson as a, in PewDiePie's words, a 'triangle dick'. It has an open triangular body with legs that protrude out the front. Right under the eyes, it appears to have a trunk with a large sphere in the middle of it.