“Since Marzia isn't available...”
— Maya after eating Marzia

Puga Does Everything is a highly successful spinoff of the popular Pewds Does Everything series where Maya has the Bro Army send her dares from Facebook and other social media, whereas Maya would do the dare with the exception of demeaning dares as in Puga can you wink?. The intro is quicker than those of the Pewds Does Everything intros none the less hilarious. Maya has been called Puga a lot of times in this series. (Most noticeably Marzia or the Bro Army)

Everything Does Puga

The thumbnail for episode 1

Episode 1Edit




Puga can you eat Marzia?Edit

Even though we can hear Marzia voicing Maya, this has been used for an excuse that Marzia isn't available.

Puga can you wear the most fabulous hat you can find?Edit

Using a cow hat, Maya mentions it's not called being Pug, it's called being cow.

Puga can rap?Edit

Felix says this question wrong as "Can Puga rap?", but the question itself was typed wrong.

  • Suggestion 1: Puga can rap?!
  • Suggestion 2: Puga can you rap?

Maya raps anyway.


  1. I'm a Pug
  2. Do you want a hug?
  3. Sorry no can do,
  4. Because I know Kung Fu!
  5. B*tch

Puga can you wink?Edit

Maya takes this the offensive way, and asks the viewer in a mean way, "Does this look funny to you? HUH?! Is it funny?!"

Puga can you become a cat?Edit

Maya happily agrees to do so and actually gets body washed to become a cat, but transforms back.

Puga do something of your choice that is randomEdit

Maya asks "Random?", only to be interrupted by her farting. She quickly resorts to another "It wasn't me" excuse.

Puga can you make an ugly face?Edit

Maya first says that her face is already ugly, but decides to do so anyway.

Face Ugly Maya's

Maya's ugly face.

Puga can you call friends on Skype?Edit

Maya decides to call Felix and throws a wild face at him.

Puga can you draw a moustache on Marzia?Edit

She draws the moustache and when she finishes it, Marzia tries to hide as Maya runs from the camera.

Puga can you give Marzia a makeover?Edit

She paints amazingly good for a dog- oh wait, there's makeup on her mouth.

Puga can you draw yourselfEdit

She starts the drawing and finishes with a picture of something other than her.

Puga can you be Darth Vader?Edit

For the finishing touch, Maya re-enacts Jabba The Hutt, as mentioned in the top comments. (No longer true)

Trivia / Bonus InfoEdit

  • {1} It is unknown what software they use for Maya.
  • 10 dares in total from this episode (10 in total for the whole series) have these three words beginning the dare in exact order: "Puga can you-"
  • 12 dares in total for this episode.
  • Marzia, although eaten by Maya, appeared in two of these dares.
  • So far, every dare sent for Maya starts with her name.

Episode 2Edit




Puga can you do some tricks?Edit

Marzia teaches Maya to sit, give, and stand.
Minute Maid AHAHA

Minute Maid...AHAHA

Puga can you teleport?Edit

Maya teleports as so...into the fridge?!

Puga can you touch your nose with your tongue?Edit

My Little Puga: Titles explain everything

Puga can you become a ninja?Edit

Instead of being a ninja, Maya becomes a mummy. <3

Puga can you wear a red cape and fly like Superman?Edit

As being SuperPuga, she actually jumps down rather than flies.

Puga can you write a cute poem to Marzia and Felix?Edit

“Done. PUGA DOES EVERYTHING. Oh, you wanted me to read it?”
— Maya after finishing her poem

A cute poem indeed.

  • Roses are red,
  • Violets are blue.
  • Please Felix and Marzia,

    Maya reads her poem


Puga can you do your own makeup?Edit

Maya denies this saying "I don't need makeup!"

Puga can you sing?Edit

Maya makes two "ckgh-" noises while singing to I Pewds You Were Pie. (A parody of I Knew You Were Trouble.)

Puga can you wrap in like a sushi?Edit

“Watashi wa Puga-chan desu!”
— Marzia comments on Sushi Maya

My Little Puga: Titles Explain Everything

Puga can you make a workout video?Edit

She begins to do so, but she grows tired shortly after.

Puga can you make a small fashion show?Edit

It is everything BUT small. It is at least 45 seconds, and she dresses up to I'm Too Puga For My Pewds. (A parody of I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt.)

Trivia / Bonus InfoEdit

  • 11 dares in total for this video, 23 dares for the whole series.
  • ALL of these dares start with "Puga can you-". 21/23 for the whole series.
  • The voice roles got swapped for this episode.
  • In Puga can you teleport?, Someone said in the comments that Maya died while going to the fridge and got an extra life, but many (other) bros know this info is false.
  • Puga can you wrap in like a sushi? killed many people, and everyone's death was from cuteness overload.
  • Puga can you make a small fashion show? is Maya's longest ever dare, so long it actually breaks Felix's record! (00;00:45.402 using Online Stopwatch.)

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