SCP: Containment Breach is a first person video game.


In the game you are SCP Foundation worker. An experiment putting alive people in the dangerous creature SCP-173' s room gets under control. Many SCP creatures start to chase you and will try to kill you, mainly the SCP-173. All the SCP's may either help or kill you, depending on the ability. You need to find your way to freedom.


PewDiePie has made 6 episodes of SCP: Containment Breach:

FREAKY SHIT - SCP: Containment Breach - Part 1 - Let's Play ( +download link) 

WORST SCARE EVER! ;_; - SCP: Containment Breach - Part 2 - Playthrough ( +download link)

MORE FREAKNESS - SCP: Containment Breach - Part 3 - Walkathrough ( +download link)   

MADE ME CRY :'( - SCP: Containment Breach - Part 4 - Let's Play ( +download link) 

HE'S SEXY AND HE KNOWS IT! - SCP: Containment Breach - Part 5 - Let's Play ( +download link)  

CUTEST MONSTER EVER! -  SCP: Containment Breach (6)  

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