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Shannon is the name given to a sentient tiger shark carcass that PewDiePie encountered in the game The Forest.

She is a partier, and she is almost always depicted as being drunk. She has a very deep voice for a female shark, often saying, "Pewds, I think I had too much too drink."

Shannon also appeared in Stranded Deep Episode 2 (KAWAII SHARKS!). Together she and Pewds flew over the ocean and barbequed Shannon's mother. When they climbed a palm tree together, Pewds revealed that Shannon was born a monkey.

She also appears in the game PewdiePie: Legend of the Brofist where she's captured by the Barrels.

Quotes Edit

  • "Aww, live a little bit, Pewds."
  • "Hey, do you want to make out?"
  • "Hey Pewds, you party-pooper man. You used to be cool, back when you had 20,000 subscribers. Now look at you, talking to a shark."

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