• Skully's general appearance / appearance in Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Skull's appearance in Labyrinth
Biographical info
Species Human (used to be)
Gender Imaginary male
Residence Brennenburg castle
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Labyrinth
Role Skull prop
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Skully is one of PewDiePie's first friends, often found in very unusual places. He is a small, completely decomposed human skull, and was the second talking object created by PewDiePie in general (the first being Bluey the chair). He is the only friend of PewDiePie's to not have his own voice. Instead, he alternates between Stephano's and Mr. Chair's voices.

Skully functioned as an early version of Stephano, and while there are a few episodes including him after Stephano's naming, he has become one of the least used characters in Amnesia.

Skully's personality is not very well developed, mostly taking his traits from Mr. Chair. He, as self-described, is smarter and more trustworthy than Stephano (as the latter is allegedly affiliated as one of the Untrusted Statues), although PewDiePie seems to trust Stephano more than any other character.

PewDiePie has found Skully on multiple occasions in his newer videos, but only pays passing glances to his old friend before tossing him aside in favor of someone else, or continuing on alone.

Skully has made a recent appearance in the Amnesia Custom Stories: "PewDiePie's Revenge" in part 2 from 2:55-3:20 before PewDiePie threw Skully towards a corner before saying; "Good times, good times."

Skully has also been suggested to have an evil twin, who killed PewDiePie multiple times during his playthrough of Ghoul Forest 2 (a mod of DOOM), PewDiePie first guessed that the skull was Skully himself, but deduced that it must have been an evil twin of Skully as "Skully would never do that."

Skully currently resides in Brennenburg castle.

In a recent game PewDie played called Labyrinth, Skully was found as a memento or note of sorts. He mocks PewDie, saying things like "It's always Stephano!," "Run you pussy!," "PewDie you look so gay in the light and "You are a pussy!" but sometimes gives helpful suggestions such as "PewDie, you should run!" and "Left PewDie... that's a right, stupid!" but they both end up dying together. His status of now is unknown.