The Tenebris Lake Monster is a monster that appears on the Amnesia Custom Story Tenebris Lake. It doesn't have an official name, but it is a monster made and customised specifically for this custom story.

On his way to retrieve a drill in the map, PewDiePie stumbles upon a dead miner's body. He delves further into the caves and retrieves the drill, but when he comes back, the miner's body has mysteriously disappeared.

The monster first appears after PewDie retrieves some acid, but manages to escape to the upper floor before it can get a hold of him.


Just like The Bro, it has a tracking range and questionable intelligence. The player will only be chased when in sight.

There are four types of this monster:

1. The Runner: Runs up to PewDie during his first encounter. In the second encounter it "asks" PewDie to twist his nipples. In the third encounter, PewDie stole a Runner's meal and had to place it on a locked door to lure it toward the meat.

2. The Miner: Near the beginning of Tenebris Lake, Pewdie stumbles across what appears to be a dead miner's body. Later in episode 10, the very same miner returns as a zombie. This is the only time it is a threat. It carries a lantern, similar to the Penumbra black plauge Infected.  

3. Sammy/The Seal: a monster that crawl its way toward PewDie. PewDie can stand on it's back without it noticing until it turns toward him.

4. Sammy Sue/ The Goat: Looks to be a normal human wrapped in a full body suit with lots of chains and a lock. He or she makes angry noises at PewDie and charges at him, albeit while doubled over because of the restricting suit. Sammy Sue first appeared in the episode as harmless bodies, albeit with very deviant sexual tastes.

Notes: The Runner who bears the uncanny resemblance to Aggripa from Amnesia: The Dark Descent could technically be considered another TLM variant. This is because it has a different look and behavior, which are unlike The Runner. However, it does not have many other differences, other than these.

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