Ghoul's Forest 3 is a Doom II modification that features you as a warrior deep in a forest, pitted against three ghouls. The mod was the third in a series of Doom II mods that were created by CutManMike and designed to scare the player with sudden jumpscares, loud noises, and limited sight due to extreme darkness. The mod is notoriously difficult even for Doom veterans. CutManMike's inspiration for creating the mod is listed in the first Ghoul's Forest's README, which states that he and a few of his friends were trying to scare each other by creepy Doom mods, and that the first Ghoul's Forest game was so scary he decided to release to the public.

During the game you will face three ghouls plus one boss; each with their own behaviors and appearances:

  • SJAS: Red-white face with no eyes; constantly emitting a loud screaming or screeching sound. When hit with a arrow it will teleport a short distance away and then continue to attack the player.
  • JITTERSKULL: White skull with teeth and red eyes; "jitters" around when moving, instantly jumping from one location to another, making it difficult to kill. Emits a loud scream when attacking the player; distinctively makes a clattering or vibrating noise when moving around.
  • CREEPER: Small, flat white spider-like creature that sucks out your soul when it kills you, jumpscares you with a disturbing white face and a loud scream. Nearly impossible to detect, but it dies with one hit.
  • YUREI: Invisible for about 80% of the time; can only be tracked by the speed of a heartbeat you hear in the background. When it kills you disturbing visuals flash rapidly on the screen and loud shrieks are heard.

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