Biographical info
Species Torch
Gender Imaginary Male
Residence Brennenburg castle
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Amnesia Custom Stories: Gary Dark Secrets & PewDiePie's Revenge, Labyrinth
Role Light Source

Torchy is a wooden torch found in the 2 Amnesia Custom Stories; Gary Dark Secrets & PewDiePie's Revenge. He first appeared in Part 4 of Gary Dark Secrets. He was seen again in Part 3 of Amnesia Custom Story: PewDiePie's Revenge. Torchy has a voice very similar to Mr. Chair and Mayo. He comes in use to PewDiePie by creating a light source, similar to the lantern.

One of Torchy's most recognisable traits is his ability to repel water. When thrown in the water area in PewDiePie's Revenge, Torchy bounces straight off the water and right back to PewDie, which leads to Torchy explaining that he hates water and begs PewDie not to leave him.

In the third and final part of the Amnesia: Custom Story: PewDiePie's Revenge, Torchy was flung away in a violent explosion. PewDie had accidentally set him there before setting off the explosion without picking him up before throwing a smaller version of Jennifer. PewDie looked for him briefly, but felt finding Stephano was more important, and he said "Torchy, you fought bravely- but I have to find Stephano," And set off. 

Torchy has recently appeared in Labyrinth, wherein you have to find a key and escape the Labyrinth. Even though PewDie didn't note that this was Torchy, bros speculated that this was the return of Torchy.