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On the number day of Christmas, Edgar sent to me,

  • 1. (And) The recipe for methamphatemine
  • 2. Two O s of shrooms
  • 3. Three x pills
  • 4. Pounds of weed
  • 5. Five Fed indictments.
  • 6. Six glass bongs
  • 7. Seven grand in cash
  • 8. Eight buttons of H
  • 9. Mafia mex
  • 10. Snitching friends
  • 11. Eleven bitch cops
  • 12. Years in the pen.


  • It says hydrofluoric acid on the bottle but it is sung as "hydrochloric acid".
  • Pewdiepie in the bathtub should have been corroded, unless the soap in the bathtub have neutralised the acid.
  • He laughs on "ten dead prostitutes"and when he says "five chopped off fingers"

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